Monday, September 17, 2007

Travels- Hawaii

How can I stand any more excitement?!!
I'm at the gate. It is just as I remembered. Dozens of igloo coolers returning to Majuro for more fish! (at the check in point). I was so early (3:45 am) that I stood for a whole hour in the Agricultural checking line (I was first in line!) before I read the sign that said it was for those going to the mainland. And I still am the first one at the gate! The hour went quickly as I was speaking with a lovely Phillipino couple who had ridden the shuttle in with me. Traveling alone has its rewards. I've met so many interesting people!
I want you all to know how very thrilled I am with that blog site and how grateful I am for your thoughtfulness. It was a great birthday/sendoff. Thank you all for managing to be with us at Stony Point Grill.
It was just as well that I had to get up at 3 am this morning, because my hotel neighbors were just getting home...drunk and banging and clanging. at 3:30 the shuttle picked me up and was almost already full! Imagine the spooky feeling to be the only one in sight at the security check. Had a leisurely chat with the officer at the machine!
Hawaii has been wonderful. I waded in the surf at Waikiki, went to the Makiki Ward yesterday, the Honolulu Arts Academy.
TImes almost up. Must run. Here goes another 5-hour flight. So EXCITED!!!

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