Monday, September 17, 2007

Early Halloween

So I was going back through some videos today and found a classic that you can all use to inspire you as you contemplate Halloween costumes this year. We love you Jeannie!

Travels- Hawaii

How can I stand any more excitement?!!
I'm at the gate. It is just as I remembered. Dozens of igloo coolers returning to Majuro for more fish! (at the check in point). I was so early (3:45 am) that I stood for a whole hour in the Agricultural checking line (I was first in line!) before I read the sign that said it was for those going to the mainland. And I still am the first one at the gate! The hour went quickly as I was speaking with a lovely Phillipino couple who had ridden the shuttle in with me. Traveling alone has its rewards. I've met so many interesting people!
I want you all to know how very thrilled I am with that blog site and how grateful I am for your thoughtfulness. It was a great birthday/sendoff. Thank you all for managing to be with us at Stony Point Grill.
It was just as well that I had to get up at 3 am this morning, because my hotel neighbors were just getting home...drunk and banging and clanging. at 3:30 the shuttle picked me up and was almost already full! Imagine the spooky feeling to be the only one in sight at the security check. Had a leisurely chat with the officer at the machine!
Hawaii has been wonderful. I waded in the surf at Waikiki, went to the Makiki Ward yesterday, the Honolulu Arts Academy.
TImes almost up. Must run. Here goes another 5-hour flight. So EXCITED!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Since most of the Mitchell children have their lives splashed all over the internet, we figured we'd get our parents involved. Clay is setting this blog up- we hope that this becomes a fun and easy way to stay in touch and share news about the Mitchell clan.

Here is a brief intro- Russ and Jeannie Mitchell are recovering Angelinos- having left the hustle and bustle of Southern California over twenty years ago, they raised their family in Windsor, CA, in the Sonoma Wine Country. They still live in the area, with their children being flung far and wide.

Britt- the oldest, is teaching college in the Marshall Islands. Clay and his wife Cullen live in Windsor and are expecting their first child, a boy. Honor, her husband Jeremy and son Grant live in Las Vegas, and Cammie is an upscale transient in the Sonoma County area.

Jeannie works in Community Services Department at the Town of Windsor, and is active in church and community activities. She just got back from visiting Honor in Las Vegas, and is about to spend several weeks with Britt in the Marshall Islands.

We hope that she will enjoy creating a digital journal of the goings on of the family- though we may have to help her get started, her excellent writing skills will surely shine through.